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    • Magnet, Go!

      Magnet, Go! v1.27

      Tap anywhere to turn on nearest magnet, dont crash! - Endless gameplay - Easy to learn, difficult to master - Original soundtrack ...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:54:21

    • Pull My Paw

      Pull My Paw v1.2.0

      Help Lalo a cute and naughty dog on his journey to find his family!! What would you do if your family had gone on vacation, and forgotten you at home? Would you build a jetpack, and take to the skies to find out where they’ve gone? Of course you would, and Lalo the d...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:52:20

    • Salt & Pepper

      Salt & Pepper v1.1

      After popular demand, Salt Pepper: LITE is finally available. Salt Pepper: LITE is the new hit puzzle game taking over the app stores. This version is the full game with ads. Simply draw to guide the salt and pepper to the white and black bowls. When enough salt an...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:49:44

    • Pongo Combo

      Pongo Combo v1.0.1

      On a tranquil jungle island untouched by human hands for many years, an orangutan lived in peace with his birdie buddies. But one day, a fleet of mysterious ships appeared without warning and made off with all of the islands birds! In order to rescue his feathered fr...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:47:14

    • Jump Over Box

      Jump Over Box v1.3

      Simple but addictive game where your goal is to jump over moving box. Challenge yourself - how long you can survive? Collect power-ups. Try doubletriple jump and jump higher to stay longer in the game. Make your jump! Game rules: You control moving circle(re...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:44:26

    • Hammer

      Hammer v1.0

      A mysterious illness has spread throughout the world killing people everywhere and in desperation, you escaped and wandered aimlessly and ended up in some remote cabin somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Hammer is a short, dark visual novel by Studio Mugenjohncel. ...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:42:30

    • Space Pig Galaxy

      Space Pig Galaxy v1.0.9

      SOMEHOW top secret government space hat technology got into the hands of Kevin. Now this once earth bound piece of bacon is free to explore infinite space! ..just watch out for the METEORS! Space Pig Galaxy Features - Amazing 1 finger tap control system! - Leaderbo...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:40:27

    • Coolorino

      Coolorino v1.0.3

      Cool, colorful endless fun! COOLORINO is a puzzle based game where you match colors between blocks to fuse them and score while fending off enemies. Earn trophies and achievements while you progress and unlock up to 100 levels! Fight a wide range of enemies a...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:37:48

    • AceSpy

      AceSpy v1.0.2

      Ace Spy is a dive into the game, the protagonist of the story comes from a family of thieves, engaged in theft task from the urine, and this time the protagonist always start a new dive into the task, through some thrilling puzzle adventure finally completed the task tr...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:33:21

    • Cat Pirates

      Cat Pirates v2.0

      Combine your bombs and power ups for complete kitten mayhem! What’s even worse than pirates? Cat Pirates of course! In this game it’s up to you to guard your treasure from the horrible Cat Pirates. The Cat Pirates moves along the maze like levels and once they...

      Updated:2014-8-26 20:30:45

    • World of Wonders Premium

      World of Wonders Premi v1.0.17

      Travel through a diversity of miracles in World of Wonders! Explore ancient cities, magical farms, a Medieval world, a mysterious ocean and a spooky ghost town. - Travel to 5 themed locations each with 3 beautiful scenery! - Play our amazing array of Hidden Object s...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:54:42

    • Escape: The Dark Train Station

      Escape: The Dark Train v1.1

      prologue – Ive heard rumors that an underground society is operating at a train station. One day, after 2 years of service for the company, I finally got a chance to find out if the rumors were true... Your mission is only to escape from the room by opening the do...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:51:50

    • Run Forrest Run

      Run Forrest Run v1.0.9

      Up for a little run? Run Forrest Run is an infinite runner game based on the iconic film Forrest Gump. Recreating the famous scene in the film, Forrest Gump, sets off across the country for no reason at all, collecting a band of followers. But the road isn’t as easy...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:46:24

    • Flappys Space Adventure-Pro

      Flappys Space Adventur v1.0.3

      ◈◈◈Be A Hero And Navigate Flappys Space Shuttle Through The Space◈◈◈ ◈◈Survive 8 Level◈◈Find The Hidden Last Enemy◈◈ Features (Pro version only): ◈ 5 Lifes ◈ Absolutly AddFree General: ◈ 9 Levels ◈ 9 Medals ◈ 9 Ranks ◈ LEADERBOARDS ◈ ACHIEVEMENTS ...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:44:30

    • Star Girl: Colors of Spring

      Star Girl: Colors of S v3.5

      Spring is here and it’s the season to be fabulous! This phenomenal social fashion RPG transports you to a world of high fashion, glamor, and spring romance. Celeate the season of youth and rebirth with cute dresses, make your way to the top as a pop star, model, or actr...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:42:20

    • ROTE Pro

      ROTE Pro v1.9.1

      Do you like difficult challenges? Do you like puzzles that requires ain power rather than skills? Then this game is for you ! Rote is a unique puzzle game that will challenge you to a whole new level. The concept of the game is simple, you have to get to the exit ...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:38:17

    • ZigZag Trip Free

      ZigZag Trip Free v1.1

      Your task is to keep changing the meandering path of movement, think its that simple? ZigZag Trip change your opinion! 3D graphics and easy controls make ZigZag Trip incredibly addictive and fun game. Download now! ...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:36:34

    • Lantern Odyssey Premium

      Lantern Odyssey Premiu v1.0

      Experience a game unlike any other. A unique puzzle-adventure hyid with realistic physics and mesmerizing music. Unblock, roll, jump, teleport and climb in a world of beautiful lights, colors and mazes. Some levels will require dexterity and others pure skill. ...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:33:58

    • Invaders! From Outer Space

      Invaders! From Outer S v1.1

      They come in peace, right? That is the question that General Jonah and the crazy scientist Dr. Dent have to answer. Are the invaders really evil just because they want to conquer the whole planet? Is this game truly a replay of the historically documented attack of the ...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:32:22

    • Hextris

      Hextris v1.2.2

      Rotate the Hexagon to prevent the blocks from stacking outside the outer grey hexagon! HEXTRIS is a fast paced puzzle game inspired by Tetris. Blocks start on the edges of the screen, and fall towards the inner blue hexagon. The objective of the game is to prevent th...

      Updated:2014-8-26 15:30:24

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