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    • Electronic Super Joy: Groove City

      Electronic Super Joy: v1.0

      A sequel to Electronic Super Joy! A ave new World, ending in an Epic Boss Fight! Jump, dodge dance among insane hazards, missiles, lasers monsters! Plot A Giant Robot Stripper called JoJo has smashed Groove City! Shes angry because Dr Swinger stole her Laser-N...

      Updated:2014-10-19 14:17:18

    • Northern Tale 2

      Northern Tale 2 v1.0

      Try the awesome sequel! After the evil witch Gesta was defeated, the time of peace was restored. The viking king Ragnar decides to restore the kingdom in its former glory — repair the ruined villages, heal the cursed trees. However, Gesta is still alive, and the even ...

      Updated:2014-10-19 14:10:04

    • iPollute

      iPollute v1.19

      -GDC 2014 Best in Play Honorable Mention!- iPollute is a unique puzzle game, set in a lovingly hand-crafted world and packed with stop motion clay animations! You are invited to a peaceful green valley, and can use your various icons to affect its fate. Every choi...

      Updated:2014-10-19 14:06:48

    • Ace Ferrara and the Dino Menace

      Ace Ferrara and the Di v1.0

      Ace Ferrara And The Dino Menace is a colorful space opera set in an 80s cartoon universe: spacefaring dinosaurs have declared war on mankind and only the Proton Riders - an oddball group of superpilots - can save us from certain defeat! Ace Ferrara is a military cade...

      Updated:2014-10-19 14:03:10

    • Aquarius TD Friends

      Aquarius TD Friends v1.0.0

      Aquarius TD Friends is tower defense game. The objective is to defend the monster to attack the five planets in Aquarius. Game Features: - Include AD. - It consists of the five planets.(α,β,γ,δ,ε) - It consists of a story mode and mission mode. - It consists ...

      Updated:2014-10-17 17:08:34

    • Jumpy Witch

      Jumpy Witch v1.2.4

      To install hot icon"Mellifluent - Jumpy Witch" in Korea, save her. ###Gifts for premium users ▶ Quest rewards double bonus! ▶ Resurrection item 5 bonus gift! ▶ Shields 10 bonus gift! ▶ In-App purchase an additional 50% bonus! ### Game Features ▶ Beautiful s...

      Updated:2014-10-17 16:44:47

    • Black panther ferocious

      Black panther ferociou v1.0

      Prepare you developed your animal instinct in the biggest fight against oneself in deserts and arid plains you panther chosen because it is a black animal and beautiful but that does not attack ferociously defends very emblem of truth Travel to the heart of the ...

      Updated:2014-10-17 16:42:37

    • Lost : Dark Maze of Destiny

      Lost : Dark Maze of De v2.5

      The Lost : Dark Maze of Destiny is a maze (labyrinth) game in a new way with the familiar graphics and beautiful sounds. One day you will wake up in the labyrinth. But you dont know how and why you came to this place. You need to find the exit to escape with o...

      Updated:2014-10-17 16:40:41

    • Joinz

      Joinz v1.0.0

      Launched by the developer Noodlecake a casual puzzle game in which players need to move the play area in square shapes, spell out to meet the requirements of shape, only allowed the same color squares combined with each other, different colors can not be together. Box w...

      Updated:2014-10-17 13:15:22

    • Stickman Trials

      Stickman Trials v2.0

      This new astonishing bike game will totally blow your mind! Drive your dexterous biker through the obstacles, perform various stunts on the unique levels of different difficulty – from easy to insane! Two awesome bicycles make you able to realize mad-racing-drive-sty...

      Updated:2014-10-17 12:55:01

    • Ski Park: City With Friends

      Ski Park: City With Fr v1.23.5

      Play with friends! Get the first game which combines two popular genres: city builder and hidden objects! Build the most popular and extraordinary ski resort in the world! Create beautiful buildings and turn the natural wonders into a real mountain paradise. Detect al...

      Updated:2014-10-16 13:41:51

    • ZomBiber

      ZomBiber v1.3

      Zombies come, hurry up guns Come on big guy. Within a limited time, destroy the zombies get as many points....

      Updated:2014-10-16 13:35:14

    • El Chavo

      El Chavo v1.1.2

      Have fun in the worlds most famous apartments. Mr. Beliarge has organized a carnival and youll be able to join Chavo and his friends playing great mini-games. Show Mr. Raymond your mastery of Knockdown, visit Mr. Beliarges shooting range, defeat Desperate Furious in ...

      Updated:2014-10-16 13:20:47

    • Sky War Stars

      Sky War Stars v1.1

      Air wars star is a compelling flight shooting game. Game background story takes place in the vast outer space planet: You have to fight aliens and protect humans from alien attack in this game to subvert the traditional lightning games and gaming graphics optimization s...

      Updated:2014-10-16 13:14:57

    • ZUP!

      ZUP! v1.1

      Guide Top Hat Joe as he ventures on his heroic journey to achieve heights he has never reached before. After lift-off, use incredibly accurate tilt controls to navigate around moving spikes, electrified blockades, and UFOs while picking up stars, guns, rockets, and othe...

      Updated:2014-10-16 13:00:58

    • Super Laser: The Alien Fighter

      Super Laser: The Alien v1.47

      Super Laser is guaranteed to please, its so good that on Day 1 of Release it has been "Featured by Apple as New and Noteworthy". "In Year 2036, the Earths population has reduced to only 1.5 billions due to resources shortage and global climate warming. The bizarre c...

      Updated:2014-10-16 12:58:14

    • Monster Mania

      Monster Mania v1.0.4

      A unique blend of tower defense, action, shooting game Monster Mania – Tower Strikes comes to the Google Play. The beautiful princess is kidnapped by the evil monsters. The ave dwarves build a sturdy wagon as a moving fortress to rescue the princess. You, as a comman...

      Updated:2014-10-16 12:56:33

    • RocketShip Expedition Planet X

      RocketShip Expedition v1

      There have been Signs.... There have been Warnings They have been ignored Earthquakes,Sinkholes, Global Warming, Solar Flares Our planet is in distress and is crying out to us. Our professors havent notice ! Our governments DO NOT CARE ! Our Armed forces...

      Updated:2014-10-16 12:54:55

    • Sago Express

      Sago Express v1.1.0

      Puzzle games just got sweeter! In Sago Express, beat the clock as you try to find and eliminate as many sago patterns from the board. With every successful find, you gain extra time to keep on searching, and coins to help you purchase power-ups to help you advance your ...

      Updated:2014-10-16 12:49:09

    • Run Frosty Run

      Run Frosty Run v1.2

      Summer Is coming!! how long can you keep Ben Frosty and his friends alive? Run, dodge and Jump your way deep into the mountains for as long as you can! FEATURES: 5 Unlockable Snowmen - Each with his (or her ) own personality. 50 Unlockable Hats - Because whats F...

      Updated:2014-10-16 12:46:55

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