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    • Santas coming

      Santas coming v1.1.0

      Help Santa Claus in his adventure to hand out gifts to good children around the world. But its not easy!! This is an adventure against the clock and Santa cant stumble on any obstacle or some children will not receive their gifts. Be careful with the bottles, Santa ca...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:51:50

    • 1000 ways to die in a circle

      1000 ways to die in a v1.3.3

      1000 ways to die in a circle is a fun and difficult endless runner game featuring amazingly unique gameplay elements. You play as a tiny blob, running around an orbital track and try dodging the deadly spikes. Collect gems and dots to get points. But be aware - Everyt...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:50:13

    • Super Spy Cat

      Super Spy Cat v1.2

      Cats are stealthy, smart, fast, can jump tall objects, and most people when they see a cat will pet it, not assume it’s a spy. In the game, you play as a spy cat which can equipped tons of guns and grenade. Your mission are sweep other gangsters nice and clean. Game fe...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:48:41

    • bit Dungeon II

      bit Dungeon II v1.88

      *Save games seem to be not working. I am working on fixing this.* bit Dungeon II is fast action roguelike game with a giant overworld to explore. Inspired by some of my favorite games Zelda, Diablo, Dark Souls. You are a spirit in an undead world of demons. Your "love...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:43:59

    • The batman raccoon run

      The batman raccoon run v1.0

      The batman raccoon run is a horizontal version of the parkour 2d game, the game has a cool interesting style, straightforward and smooth operation, prolific character skin, humanized store settings, Let the game player get the perfect gaming experience. ...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:41:43

    • RETRO GRID - Arcade

      RETRO GRID - Arcade v1.9

      Retro themed arcade game ! This high paced game ! - More than 20 characters. - Unlimited level. - Score list. - 4 Different vehicles. - Unique artificial intelligence - Unique play game. - 4 Different weapons. ...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:40:26

    • Jumping Pirate

      Jumping Pirate v1.1

      Jumping Pirate is a puzzle game same as Amazing Alex game of Rovio Entertainment Ltd. You have to arrange tools include shelf, crate, ball, balloon, all pirate characters to complete level. Your mission help Biu character push all pirates down sea by setting up the tool...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:37:30

    • The Alchemist HD

      The Alchemist HD v2.1

      The Alchemist HD is a puzzle game based on 2048, simple and addictive. The goal is to craft potions by mixing two identical potions. To help, you can use different spell. Will you manage to achieve the ultimate goal of any alchemist: find the Philosophers Stone ! HD ve...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:34:35

    • Shadow Glitch 2

      Shadow Glitch 2 v1.1

      Get ready for a unique take on platformers. Join Pandora on an epic adventure as she tries to escape from the impossible. Use your glitch suit to phase through numerous traps along the way as you try to eak out of the jail alive. Shadow Glitch puts a new spin on plat...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:33:08

    • Hero Rush

      Hero Rush v1.1.3

      Unleash your gems matching skill to attack as many monsters as you can in 60 seconds. Journey through Solar kingdom to help capturing all the monsters back to the prison. Fill all the slots of monster collection and learn all the stories about each monster. Enjoy pla...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:22:52

    • Basketball Shoot Mania 3D

      Basketball Shoot Mania v1.0

      Basketball Shoot Mania is a fun, addictive and easy to play 3D basketball shooting game. Unlike other games, this game really tests your skills. Tap the ball when the aim is in position. You can exercise freely or play for score. You can select different balls. Compete ...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:18:45

    • Lovely Turtle for Kids

      Lovely Turtle for Kids v1.0.0

      This game is made especially for children. The difficulty and its graphics are suitable for a young audience (under 8). This application is composed of two different sets: first game: In this shooting game your child will need to be fast and accurate. To win he...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:17:33

    • Pixel Rider:Zombie Shooter

      Pixel Rider:Zombie Sho v2.2

      Run and Shoot! and Hunt zombies! Racing Shooting game Pixel Rider! 3D Pixel , Retro, 8bit Style Graphic Game ...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:15:41

    • Toy Drift

      Toy Drift v1.0

      Have a childhood bond with our new car game Drift Racing Toy! Rediscover the joy of childhood by controlling a remote controlled car in several different worlds! Put yourself behind the wheel and embark on an epic session! As in car films, made of drifting to gain ...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:12:47

    • Cammando Contract Killer

      Cammando Contract Kill v1.4

      You are a contract killer commando and your contract is to fire gunshots at enemy forces in a first person battle. Just fire gunshot at the enemy forces and destroy the forces with your contract killer skills. Intense game play, visuals and thrilling sounds make the sho...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:10:21

    • Hidden Object-Mystery Town

      Hidden Object-Mystery v1.0.1

      Every town has its secrets - some of them in oad daylight, some are hardly visible for the human eye, in the shadows. This wonderful hidden object game gives you the unique opportunity to find amazing life-like items in different locations of a sleepy old town. Unique ...

      Updated:2014-12-17 9:08:27

    • Beat Ball

      Beat Ball v1.05

      Here comes the all new action packed saga that has you jumping for your life, dodging cannonballs, and even slowing time! Batata Games Boldly Brings you Bobby the Bouncing Beatball! With headphones Blaring Big Bad Beats, it’s a Bashful fact that Bobbys Bouncing Ball...

      Updated:2014-12-17 8:53:12

    • Speed Night Highway MOTO

      Speed Night Highway MO v1.68

      Christmas edition will be released within a week. Happy Xmas! Speed Night Highway MOTO is a racing game full of fierce scenes. -Choose your rider and motor and take your arms to gallop on the highway! -Drive your Crazy Moto and exert your skills to defeat the unr...

      Updated:2014-12-17 8:51:13

    • Plane1943

      Plane1943 v1.0

      This is not an easy game! You definitely cant find more harder game than this one. ...

      Updated:2014-12-17 8:42:17

    • Monster Mania TD

      Monster Mania TD v1.0.0

      A unique blend of real-time strategy, tower defense and side-scrolling shooting Monster Mania TD – First Strikes comes to the Google Play. The beautiful princess is kidnapped by the evil monsters. The ave dwarves build a sturdy wagon as a moving fortress as well as m...

      Updated:2014-12-17 8:39:46

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