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    • Breaking Bubbles

      Breaking Bubbles v1.0

      Breaking Bubbles is a game that will ultimately test your senses and imagination. For some reason (even we cannot understand), it will transport you to a desert of bubbles that must be blown up before time expires. But... Watch out for the cactus! They prick! If you b...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:44:49

    • Bus Driver 3D simulator

      Bus Driver 3D simulato vv1.9

      Bus driver 3d simulator is a real time experience for those who loved to drive heavy vehicles. This is a super cool simulation game. In this game you have to park and pick up passengers from the stop and drop them off to the next and try to be on time because time is no...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:42:58

    • Sago Express

      Sago Express v1.1.0

      Puzzle games just got sweeter! In Sago Express, beat the clock as you try to find and eliminate as many sago patterns from the board. With every successful find, you gain extra time to keep on searching, and coins to help you purchase power-ups to help you advance your ...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:36:37

    • Bunny Hop

      Bunny Hop v1.0

      *************Bunny hop is a fun and addicting game! You simply hop from platform to platform and try to get the high score. Did we mention about the rocket chasing you?************* Get the high score and compete with your friends, family, coworkers, and the rest of ...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:34:01

    • Run Frosty Run

      Run Frosty Run v1.2

      Summer Is coming!! how long can you keep Ben Frosty and his friends alive? Run, dodge and Jump your way deep into the mountains for as long as you can! ...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:31:33

    • Bloodstroke

      Bloodstroke v1.0.0

      Internationally renowned filmmaker John Woo presents his action-packed mobile debut, Bloodstroke. "Bloodstroke is a terrific action game, and a great introduction to John Woo action on mobile." – Touch Arcade, 45 "Compelling, fast-paced, and action-packed, Bloods...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:29:02

    • Lolas Fruity Sudoku

      Lolas Fruity Sudoku v2.0

      Here comes the new and improved Lola’s Fruity Sudoku! This classic game is now specially designed for kids ages 4 to 8. Attractive animated instructions help children get into the game easily and they can quickly learn to play even without knowing what Sudoku is. How...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:24:21

    • Weed Shop

      Weed Shop v1.29

      Run your very own Medical Marijuana Dispensary aka Weed Shop in sunny California! Grow various strains of weed, serve your medical marijuana patients, improve your weed shop and promote your weed firm in this 3D weed farming simulator. Weed Shop The Game Features:...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:16:30

    • Joy - Free Hidden Object Games

      Joy - Free Hidden Obje v1.0.0

      WITH ADS - An AD is showed at the Start of Game, End of Game and on Level Selection - If you like, you can purchase the game for $0.99 and Play AD Free - ADs help pay for our development costs and provide you with quality hidden object games for FREE *** PlayHOG pres...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:14:42

    • ZapIt

      ZapIt v1.0

      Help Angry George zap all the pesky mosquitos in his house! Angry George and Bunny Slippers Amy are out to zap the invading mosquitos. Play exterminator and help them swat those irritating bugs out of existence! Sure to keep you amused and entertained, this fast pace...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:13:19

    • Twist of Wrist

      Twist of Wrist v1.0.1

      Many of you have played different games:arcades, adventures, strategies, puzzle or racing games. But none of them could show your true level or challenge your skills and abilities. Twist of Wrist is perfect simulator to confirm the skill, dexterity and reaction. While...

      Updated:2014-7-30 14:06:11

    • Stratega

      Stratega v1.3

      Put your strategic defense skills to test in this fast paced real time strategy game with an addictive combination of TD where your objectives will be to gather minerals, expand your base, survive waves of enemies and invade the enemy base. Experience an unique game...

      Updated:2014-7-30 13:55:32

    • Ninja Fall

      Ninja Fall v1.0

      Ninja is on a mission to destroy Evil. Ninja is chasing enemies who are moving very faster.Enemies have put stones in between so that Ninja should die in between. Move Stone Logs and make safer way for Ninja to pass between stones. Challenging and Adventure,Ra...

      Updated:2014-7-30 8:36:48

    • Pearl Beads

      Pearl Beads v1.5.7

      Mode "Colormania" This is a game with colorful balls. Every time appears at the top of the ball, you can throw it in the bottom of a bunch of balloons. When the 3 balls of the same color touch each other, they will be destroyed. Mode "Excelsior!" This is a game wi...

      Updated:2014-7-30 8:27:06

    • Krishna Run

      Krishna Run v1.0.0

      The game ‘Krishna Run’ is based on historic character Krishna. Focused on his childhood activities, the game runs on the storyline of his fight against Asurs in order to establish "Dharma". The player experiences thrilling game play challenges at all the levels, while s...

      Updated:2014-7-29 15:40:57

    • Tunnel Flight:fly plane jet 3D

      Tunnel Flight:fly plan v1.0

      Control your fighter jet plane inside 3D tunnel and avoid obstacles to survive. How long can you stay without touching tunnel walls or hitting barriers? There is a leaderboard for the best pilots. Tunnel has 7 sectors with turns, rotations and various static and dynamic...

      Updated:2014-7-29 15:36:25

    • Street Hero Fight

      Street Hero Fight v1.0.0

      Are you a fan of street fighter games? If you are looking for a really cool street fighter games, then youve just found one! Get ready for extremely dangerous battle! Try our new Street Hero Fighting game! High-quality graphic and addictive game-play will definitely...

      Updated:2014-7-29 14:15:23

    • Swippy Motion

      Swippy Motion v1.0.2

      Hey, hey, hey, Pay your attention to our new logic game – «Swippy Motion». We think that you wanna play this game but not to read about it, that’s why this description isnt so big and full. Just try this game and determine to yourself what the description should...

      Updated:2014-7-29 13:39:40

    • Street Fighting 3D

      Street Fighting 3D v9.1.0.35

      Are you a fan of street fighter games? If you are looking for a really cool street fighter 3d games, then youve just found one! Get ready for extremely dangerous battle! Try our new Street Fighting 3D game! High-quality graphic and addictive game-play will definitely pl...

      Updated:2014-7-29 13:38:20

    • Jewels Hunter Deluxe

      Jewels Hunter Deluxe v1.0.0

      Funny, colorful and truly involving puzzle ain game for Android. Try to collect all diamonds by solving interesting and challenging levels. Task for every level is the following: blast blocks of energy in goal to collect all diamonds. Sounds easy, but try it first...

      Updated:2014-7-29 13:36:43

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