War of Farm - Squirrel Fantasy v1.2

War of Farm - Squirrel Fantasy War of Farm - Squirrel Fantasy War of Farm - Squirrel Fantasy
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Game description: For long time, you have been accustomed to the world where left is left and right is right. Suddenly you are in the world of Reversal, can you conquer it? Welcome to the Squirrel Farm War fantasy world. In this world, everything is upside down, left-side right, which really drive you crazy. Description: It comes the harvest season again, and those mischievous squirrels are tempted to steal the nuts stocked by the farmers. Our task is to drive away these naughty squirrels and let them know there’re no free nuts! Squirrels war fantasy farm has the following three modes: 1 ) Normal mode This mode is the normal mode, the left button controls the left-side landmine. 2 ) Reverse mode This mode is reversed in left and right, left button controls the right-side landmine. 3 ) Chaos mode This model is the combination of Normal mode, Reverse mode and Upside-down mode. It switches to these 3 modes at unexpected alternation. You need to do a good observation to make the right judgment and click the right button.