Princess became a frog v1.7

Princess became a frog Princess became a frog Princess became a frog
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  • Language: Japanese
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Game description: Princess became a frog" is The princess youve been turned into a frog in A Witchs Curse It is a training game to go back to its original form. 【Story】 Once upon a time, I had not the heart to dancing first meeting with the prince of the neighboring country princess of a country becomes a marriage partner. At that time, bad witch suddenly appeared in front of the princess, I began to put a curse on Princess. Princess I have turned into a figure of how frog. When crying and would have been hated prince in this figure, I said witch of the trip will appear, and Ill cast a spell to solve the curse this time. Princess or youll get it back to its original form before the prince comes really? 【How To Play】 1.Magic ball is generated with the passage of time The Lets accumulate magic Touch. 2.Witch will cast a spell of magic dispel is accumulated. 3.Figure will continue to change and continue to melt little by little princess curse of witch has cast a magic dispel. Because diary will be updated each time the figure of the princess is changed Please check.