DirtyDices v2.2.94

DirtyDices DirtyDices DirtyDices
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Game description: IT IS RECOMMENDED TO USE A DEVICE WITH AT LEAST 768MB RAM. RUNNING ON DEVICES WITH LOWER AMOUNT MIGHT CAUSE CRASHES. ================================= Imagine that you can see in the fading consciousness of a man who was just shot in the head while playing a Yahtzee game. Dirty Dices developers claim that the hero of the game found himself in the mysterious world full of gambling oppurtunities and his deepest fears. You need to go forward along the Path of Dices (however the hero was always standing on it, but never noticed it, as the ingame tutorial tells us), you need to fight monsters and overcome difficult situations. You need to earn experience and to gather the best equipments there is if you want your hero to have any chance of survival. Most of the game mechanics is based on dice throws, its easy to dive in. All sorts of events are waiting for the hero to expirience on the Path of Dices, and every dice throw can greatly affect the current situation. Are you lucky enough? Like many other RPG games Dirty Dices uses random generation of objects, monster stats and situations. Have fun!

Game features: data packet(50M): →Click here to download the data packet← package path:Android\obb\air.DirtyDices