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Game description: Main idea of the game - you should arrange boxes in the appropriate places. There is a player, you direct him during the game, he can move the boxes. There are four types of boxes: There is an ordinary box, no extra characteristics. There is a box with a timer, when timer reaches zero the box will destroy itself There is a box with energy inside, nobody knows how frequently and where exactly the energy will move it. And there is a box that has characteristics of all the previous boxes. On the play field you will be hindered by: Mines, they can blow up the player, boxes, even those that are fixed to the ground, they will hinder movement. For your convenience you are offered a set of superpowers to use You can blow up fixed boxes and mines. You can resurrect box of the box. You can restart a wave without restarting a game. You can tame energy inside boxes with energy for them not to move for certain period of time. You can stop timer on boxes that can explode for a certain period of time. You can drag box after yourself for a certain period of time. Each superpower has an index of possible usage. Superpowers that have limited action time have a duration indicator located above quantity indicator All these superpowers can be bought before level and can be improved in the menu "Improvement" which you can access from main menu Passing each wave you earn points that are transferred into money, your earning will be shown to you after the end of each wave. Also in main menu there is a shop where you can buy additional money, there is a flexible system of discount in the shop. With each passed wave gained points, as well as points gained in the course of game, are added up and this will make your personal record. Between monitors of superpowers there is an emergency button, press it in case of hopeless situation to add up your points and come back to menu. In order to learn about your record you have to log in with Google+ and have internet access, also in the game has enough achievement that you can get during the game. If you have any remarks or recommendations write to us, your opinion is very important to us. Thank you for your attention, have a pleasant game.