The Printer Guy v1.0

The Printer Guy The Printer Guy The Printer Guy
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Game description: The Printer Guy is a fast paced arcade rhythm game that challenges the conventions of what a rhythm game should be. You are the printer guy, the unsung hero and the heart of the anonymous company you are working for. You are the only tech person and in charge of keeping the printers running. The game is centered on the idea of maintaining printers to a specific rhythm and not getting fired in the process. It’s all about the player’s skillset; learn the pattern - time the action. Levels are short and intense, featuring different maintenance tasks in a wacky cartoony universe. These are not printers as you know them. The player constantly has to be on his toes and be ready for what comes next! Each character will feature a different part of the company and have their own unique theme with each printer expressing their owners personality. The player will have to learn and adjust their skillset to a new set of mini games, when unlocking new characters. The game features one-finger gestures Swipe and Tap. The player interacts directly with 3D objects in the game. • Swipe upwards to throw in paper • Tap to smash down uranium rods • Swipe right to throw in ink This demo features 10 levels, the lobby, and a tiny secret. This game was made as part of the Danish Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment 2013 semester over the time frame of six weeks. Ps. Enjoy The Lobby. 利润预计 通过订阅Intelligence得到该应用的下载和利润预计. 了解详情 访问开发者网站  电子邮件联系开发者  推荐 (2015年4月7日) 没有被推荐 在Google Play首页 没有被推荐 在 Google Play 版本