The Last Assassin HD v1.0

The Last Assassin HD The Last Assassin HD The Last Assassin HD
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Game description: China has been a huge territory occupying country, famous due to long wars and battle between enemy tribes. The war in china has been a profession of brave men. They used to invent new weapons, new ammunition and war equipments and tools starting with sword to canon with explosive. The most famous Chinese emperors were Shi Huangdi of the Qin Dynasty, the Emperors Gaozu and Wu of the Han Dynasty, the Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, Kublai Khan of the Yuan Dynasty, the Hongwu Emperor of the Ming Dynasty, and the Kangxi Emperor of the Qing Dynasty. And, in the modern world who is little interesting in history about wars and battles, He would know about Terracotta army of Qin Shi Huang. And, in the modern war colleges and academies still its a part of syllabus for young military officers to study "Art of war" of Sun Tzu. His famous quote is "Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance." because, this is the rule of war to use tactics, to keep the enemy in darkness, show him your shadow not yourself to protect yourself from enemy attack. Hero; "Mann" followed Sun Tzus rule of art of war when he lost his dynasty , his land, his beloved people. He could only escape and than planned to revenge, a deadly revenge. So, he used to use his shadow to enemies and not himself to lure and attack them one by one. Its any interesting game, Hero is a shadow character, he has sword and spear and he attack silently from behind to have no chance of being killed. He is alone, the enemy is big and an army of people. There are hurdle, there are landscape difficulties in game, there are trees, bushes and rivers, there are too many trouble for the hero of the battle. But, he has to go through all to restore his ruling on his mother land. Lets help him to be a deadly killer hero, a modern war expert, a best archer and horse rider, a best climber on trees and mountains. Archer run and mountain run, shadow behind the enemy , but, when killing the enemy swords produce musical sounds.