Proud Saiyan Warrior v1.0.1

Proud Saiyan Warrior Proud Saiyan Warrior Proud Saiyan Warrior
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Game description: DESCRIPTION- This is a game of DB from the famous anime series. However taking the control of Vegeeta the game takes place in a fantasy world exclusive from the anime series where Vegeeta will train hard in order to beat Gouku by becoming a SS3. KEY FEATURES- -An epic storyline to follow where Vegeeta will manage to transform himself into SS3 form. -4 beautiful levels to clear with multiple stages. -Different types of enemies and bosses to fight. -A true DB style battle system. -An epic battle with Gouku. CONTROLS- X- Final Flash (Powerful technique to take down enemies in one go. It will consume the whole Final Flash Gauge and thus can not be done when not fully charged.) Y- Sparking (Restores Final Flash Gauge by consuming some energy and provide defense against most of the attacks.) A- Fight (Just keep it pressed and he will keep fighting.) B- Transmission (Very useful in final battle with Gouku to dodge his attacks. It also consumes some energy.) Note:- The Green colored meter that appears above Vegeeta is Health, the Yellow colored meter is Final Flash Gauge and the purple colored meter is energy. Energy is consumed each time you use Final Flash or Transmission technique and can not be replenished before the completion of a level. So it is advised to use it wisely.