Hoverboard Rider 3D:Santa XMas v1.2

Hoverboard Rider 3D:Santa XMas Hoverboard Rider 3D:Santa XMas Hoverboard Rider 3D:Santa XMas
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  • Updated: 2016-1-4 18:32:31

Game description: Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas to all! In this innovative game, play as a hoverboard-riding Santa and deliver Christmas gifts in town! Jeez, it seems like we’re all taking advantage of technological advancements these days. Its that time of year when happiness prevails and smiles are at every turn. Play a part in spreading the wondrous joy. Ride a self-balancing, double-wheeled scooter to increase Santa’s efficiency and speed to transport those gifts for the children! Imagine them getting their presents EARLY! Santa has decided to give the Reindeer and the Elves a day off. Its your job now. Sharpen your driving skills while youre at it, too. Swivel around corners and park gracefully. Remember to keep your coveryou are Santa after-all.