HairSalon v1.0

HairSalon HairSalon HairSalon
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Game description: Did you ever imagine of being a hairdresser? Trim, grow, style, dye... Well, we need one right now! If youre talented, prove it to the world. You see, we got a lot of guests with diverse hair requests, long or short, curly or straight, purple or pink... And you will be the one to give them the haircut of their dreams! When the work of the day is finished, you can come to design your own hairstyles in free mode, as practice makes perfect. Dadada... Now take pictures of your designs, and put them on the photo wall. Theyll definitely be your sweet memory. How to play: Open the game and tap the PLAY button to start. Lets first try the Copy Mode, choose the first task in it, remember the guests request, and then click "Next". Now, your work begins. After washing the hair, her ideal hairstyle will come into your sight, watch the picture carefully and follow it. You got a dozen of tools to style, scissor, curling irons, and so much more. When everything is complete, click "Done" and your work will be graded. Serving guests might be tiring, why not try the free mode, in which you can design the model the way you like. Dye the hair with colors that you have no courage to try in real life, its all up to you. Here, all you have to do is release your imagination.