Jar Dwellers S.O.S. v1.0

Jar Dwellers S.O.S. Jar Dwellers S.O.S. Jar Dwellers S.O.S.
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  • Language: English
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  • Updated: 2016-5-6 13:36:40

Game description: For nearly 200 years, three weird creatures were hidden away in glass jars in the cellar of the Bateman Academy… At least, until two students found them! Free at last, the Jar Dwellers are intent on exploring the modern world. But unfortunately, they’ve forgotten all their survival instincts! Determined to capture them at all costs, an evil scientist releases some nasty machines to chase them – Jar Trackers! In an exciting action-strategy game, help Ooble, Crunch and Barka overcome the obstacles and master their survival instincts in order to defeat the fearsome Jar Trackers! Jar Dwellers SOS comprises: - Three original creatures to control - 13 fearsome trackers to defeat - 12 original offensive instincts to master - 6 defensive instincts for protection - Cool and ultra-powerful power-ups! - Three exciting game modes - Intuitive and amusing controls - 66 levels bursting with all sorts of challenges - Achievements to accomplish via the Game Center - And, of course, hours of fun!