Iron Maiden:Legacy of the Beast v283334

Iron Maiden:Legacy of the Beast Iron Maiden:Legacy of the Beast Iron Maiden:Legacy of the Beast
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Game description: Battle as Eddie across amazing worlds, inspired by Iron Maiden’s rich imagery and music. Fight legions of unrelenting enemies as you piece together the shattered remnants of Eddie’s soul, and ultimately save the universe! GIVE ME ‘ED ‘TIL I’M DEAD Eddie comes in many shapes and forms. Each guise is a part of Iron Maiden’s rich history, with a wicked set of special powers and abilities. Fans will recognize Eddie from classic albums such as Powerslave, Killers, Somewhere in Time and The Number of the Beast. COLLECT AND COMMAND Along the journey Eddie will battle many infamous foes such as the Wickerman, Horus and the Axis General. If the battle is won, the souls of vanquished minions transform into valuable weapons and allies to take into your next battle.