Tree Story:Best Pet Game v1.0.10

Tree Story:Best Pet Game Tree Story:Best Pet Game Tree Story:Best Pet Game
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  • Updated: 2016-6-27 13:28:21

Game description: Have you ever played a game that changed the world? PLAY TREE STORY, THE GAME THAT PLANTS REAL TREES! Have fun taking care of your own virtual pet trees. Feed, care, and raise them from Seedlings to full-grown Treelings... while playing fun games! Customize your trees with collectible items. When your trees are all grown up, our expert tree-planting partners will help send them to the real world! With your help, we can plant trees all over the country and all over the world! FEATURES: • PLANT REAL TREES AS YOU PLAY - Make a difference! When you raise virtual trees, our partners will plant REAL trees in forests and urban groves! The trees you help plant will provide habitats for birds and other animals, cleaner air for us to breathe, and shade for us to sit under!