Pivoty Tap To Shoot v1.4

Pivoty Tap To Shoot Pivoty Tap To Shoot Pivoty Tap To Shoot
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Game description: Pivoty - TAP to SHOOT, HIT the TARGET! Your task is simple: hit all the targets on the screen. However, there is one thing… you are lacking crosshair! D: To shoot - tap the screen, and you will hit the place where the two invisible lines, reaching out from the moving indicators (triangles on the sides of the screen), are crossing each other. There are 200 levels in our arcade and puzzle game, which differ from each other in difficulty and in unique appearance. You have the opportunity to compete with your friends in over 40 timed levels. There are more than 120 achievements that belong to several categories varying from ammount of target hit, to shots you needed to reach 100 level… Can you even make it that far?!