Haunted Legends:The Undertaker v1.0

Haunted Legends:The Undertaker Haunted Legends:The Undertaker Haunted Legends:The Undertaker

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  • Type: Adventure Games
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  • Updated: 2016-8-22 9:40:19

Game description: It all began when a suspicious little old stranger turned up in the countryside. The local undertaker traded his family heirloom for an Amulet of Prosperity and soon afterwards a once-peaceful fishing village transformed into a nightmarish landscape as the recently buried rose from their graves! • Use your detective skills to find out why the dead are still walking! • Make your way through 40+ spooky locations to get to the bottom of the dark pact made by the undertaker! • Collect clues and solve puzzles as you’re trying to tack that little old stranger who’s brought bad luck to the village! • Get yourself a Bonus Chapter with marvelous extras and unravel the mysterious undead curse!

Game features: data packet(890M): →Click here to download the data packet← package path:Android\obb\com.alawar.hauntedlegendsundertaker.gplay.premium