Playground Craft v1.0

Playground Craft Playground Craft Playground Craft
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Game description: Playground craft - plan, design, and create a playground for kids! Crafting and building game for boys and girls! Place slide, water slide, swing, teeter carousel or a tree house! Boys & Girls craft! Use blocks to build anything! From the Spa Salon to Glam Doll House! Sim craft - the new edition. Playground craft - Crafting games for people bored with Virtual city building or bridge constructor simulator! Exploration lite of the cube world. Simulator for designers (interior, exterior). Use blocks to build elements of playground. Build AND USE IT! You can play all you want! Building games - the new approach. Creative game for boys and girls! Build house, and set up a playground in the garden - then make a party (party craft). Let the adventure begin! Story mode - pocket edition! Remember Girls craft? Mine Exploration? So take your creativity and use it here! Play with pets (pony, puppy, cat and even a tiny dragon!). Build anything - from a small carousel to SPA Salon or Nail Salon! Story mode! Block strike with playground for kids! Top game for teenage boys and girls! Extreme makeover of the old playground! High school party with your friends! Mining game - great editor! Skins for NPCs available! Building and crafting game for kids and adults! Playground constructor simulator from Building and Crafting Game for Boys And Girls studio! Simulator game for kids! Creative game for creative people. Exploration lite of the sandbox world! Crafting for girls and boys! Pocket edition of a Story Mode crafting game. Features: Use blocks to build Design playground for kids Use playground elements (you can use swing and slides!) Chat with other people Mount animals and ride them (horse craft) Crafting - Pocket edition - crafting and building Exploration of the sandbox world Coming soon: Multiplayer Crafting items Survival mode Day & night Cube Crafting Story mode (with dragons and bosses!) Weather Moving cars Stats and inventory Different worlds (hell, heaven, lair)