Exoclipse Retaliation v1.2

Exoclipse Retaliation Exoclipse Retaliation Exoclipse Retaliation Exoclipse Retaliation Exoclipse Retaliation Exoclipse Retaliation

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  • Type: Shooting Games
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Game description: Enter the world of Exoclipse Retaliation. The sequel to Exoclipse is here, big time! Enter the most immersive retro arcade gaming experience ever created. A whole new lethal and powerful arsenal has been added to Exoclipse’ already spectacular array of devastating weapons. You will need them to face an endless range of vile and aggressive enemies. The master of all sci-fi artist and designers, Skorpio, has artfully developed many of the enemy spaceships found in Exoclipse Retaliation. Your on-board computer, a favorite among Exoclipse players, has been upgraded to display meaningful notifications on the structural integrity of you spaceship and weapons systems. These improvements come with the most stunning visual effects ever seen in a retro-arcade space game. Discover Exoclipse Retaliation, push the limits of retro-gaming and experience a new standard in arcade gaming. Exoclipse Retaliation was inspired by the amazing Galaga and Galaxian and build to bring the magic of 8-bit and 16-bit arcade and consoles back to your hands. For those who remember with joy and nostalgia the wonderful years of Atari, SEGA and Nintendo, you are now in the right place, and looking at the right space shooter. The development team would like to help all those who provided feedback, comments and ideas that help build the most epic (even more epic than the original Exoclipse) retro game ever conceived. Nothing could have prepared you for this.