The Survival Hunger Games 2 vC18.1

The Survival Hunger Games 2 The Survival Hunger Games 2 The Survival Hunger Games 2 The Survival Hunger Games 2 The Survival Hunger Games 2
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Game description: The fate of the block world rests in the hands of a small but elite band of rebels in The Survival Hungry Games 2. As their leader, you have called the shots and mapped out the plans that will crush the government officials who have turned the human race into a cruel sport for the entertainment of the privileged. Its time to rise from the ashes of the war torn nations and defend the blocky race against these sadists. Its time to survive. Progress through your mission and mow down enemies and blow away groups of foes as you battle unique enemies with their own set of challenges. As you rise to the threat, the figurehead of the district has sent mass mobs of clan enemies to smother your efforts. Take control, tactic and quick thinking is everything when dealing with this enemy. Deal damage in your quest and enjoy smooth, intuitive controls in this survival game. Its do or die... **** PLEASE NOTE THE LEVEL SIZE ***** Please rate kindly! The Survival Hungry Games 2 offers awesome total immersive game play. To do that, we created levels that are HUGE! Because of this, load time can take awhile. We ask that you dont penalize us with a one-star review. After all, this is a FREE game and we just wanted to ensure you were set to experience a most epic FPS block world challenge. ✦The totalitarian nation is divided...✦ In a secret underground city isolated from the rest of the world, a band of rebels has amassed, united by one goal: End the reign of terror above that has made the middle ground their cruel personal source of entertainment. The plans are set and as leader, you have provided each unit with special instructions for the plan of attack, but the night prior, your headquarters is attacked. The caves are ambushed, filled with enemy mobs that have recently located the heart of your rebel organization. Many of your soldiers fall, while others manage an escape, but you are not set to abandon your hideout... not until every enemy mob has been dealt with. The midland is a decaying, decrepit city and the residents of this bleak land are just as tortured. With the whole of their world being televised for the sake of the above lands entertainment, the fates met by these unfortunate is settled by a host of cruel "games" set in motion by the above and played out by the midlands. As you emerge into the wane sunlight that backdrops this unfortunate city, it is their lives you fight for as you wield your weapons against the special forces who aim to keep them in line. High above the desolate lands below, exists a city that floats in the sky where a theocratic and totalitarian government rules over all from their "heavenly" throne. This is what your rebel alliance has worked so diligently to take down. This high tech and sterile world is a place where evil lives disguised behind self indulged smiles and overzealous gestures. From here you can still see the terrible state the midlands suffer, but in high definition in every bar and street. It is here that you will fight every mob boss that comes your way, and all in the name of freedom and peace. GAME FEATURES- Various Weapon and Ammo Pickups Health Packs Classic pixel graphics and cool game animations Legendary and brutal maps Ruthless enemy variety User-friendly and effective control interface Hand-to-hand combat