Solomons Keep v1.0

Solomons Keep Solomons Keep Solomons Keep Solomons Keep Solomons Keep
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Game description: Near the town of Dead Hawg, past the Grimwood, at the very PEAK of Mount Awful, there stands a crumbling tower of mortar and stone. Deep within this foul edifice, the blackest necromancer of modern times, Solomon Dark, sits on his horrible throne. As a near graduate of the Wizarding College, your final exam is to storm Solomons Keep. Dispatch the dark wizard, loot his evil possessions, unbind his horrific minions, and prove to your teachers once and for all that youre not as stupid as you look. In Solomons Keep, you move your wizard with one thumb, and fire magic spells with the other. As you destroy enemies, you earn experience points. Gain enough experience, and youll gain a level, and can select new skills to help you ascend the tower. Along the way youll find gold and magic items. Your helpful teachers are there to explain the ins and outs of wizarding, sell you a few useful items, and even give you a few tips to improve your skills. Along the way youll encounter Solomons skeletons, zombies, imps, and more. You might even encounter an undead king, and Solomons meticulously reconstructed maggot vomiting skeletal dragon. Youll have a chance to master 21 skills and wield over 50 magic, rare, and epic weapons. With random dungeons and monsters, Solomons Keep offers infinite replayability. Its never the same game twice! If youre fond of action RPGs, Solomons Keep will satisfy your black heart.