Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs Zombies v1.0.27

Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs Zombies Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs Zombies Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs Zombies Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs Zombies Shoot Like Hell: Swine vs Zombies
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Game description: "Welcome to Shoot Like Hell - The BEST REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYER ZOMBIE SHOOTING that you have ever seen! You will join forces to do Co-op missions and raid Bosses together. Collect and upgrade various weapons systems to deal with stronger Zombies waves after each attack. You can either work together to save this world, or blame each other and let those zombies lay waste to this planet. Your choice. Are you ready to stand your ground and fight? …. Be warned, this game is SUPER addictive. FEATURES: 1. MULTIPLAYER SHOOTING IN REAL TIME: - Quick connect to battle with up to 4 players in real time to shoot zombies together. - Discover up to 5 locations with different kinds of zombie and mission. 2. RAID BOSS: - Co-op to eliminate the final Boss in each map to get a big reward and continue to the next map. - Choose the right weapons to kill the Boss before the time runs out. - Help your partners when the Boss is attacking them. 3. OVERCOME CO-OP MISSIONS TOGETHER: - You are not alone. Fight and Win together in Co-op missions. - Chat to devise a strategy before the Special waves come! 4. BUILD YOUR POWERFUL SCI-FI WEAPONS: - Use different kinds of gun such as AOE, SNIPER, CRITICAL,… to blitz those brainless enemies. - Get gold and gems to UPGRADE your GUNS. When reaching specific levels, they will EVO to new, more powerful Models. 5. EASY TO PLAY: - No skills required, just simple Tap and Hold to shoot. - Easy to play for everyone. - Funny/ family-friendly/ PG zombie styles (no blood++) Ain’t it cool? ”