goosebumps! v1.1

goosebumps! goosebumps! goosebumps! goosebumps!
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Game description: Zzoo`s Creepy Horror Game “goosebumps!” Warning!! This game is very frightening game! Find a music box in darkness. Do not forget to wear your headphones. Stay focused on what you hear on your headphones! If you hear a sound from the left, there is something on your left. Can you find a music box among many ghosts? If you do not focus on hearing in this supernatural and mystery field, you will be hard to survive… Addictive Spooky Horror Game “goosebumps!” Game Features: - Do not forget to wear your headphones. - Feel the scary and nervous atmosphere. - Scary graphics of fairy tale. - Attractive sound using 3d sound technology. Enjoy the addictive “goosebumps” while commuting to work, in the bus or subway, waiting at the bank. Whenever, wherever “goose bumps” is ready for action !!! Thank you!