Zombie Bloxx v1.0.0

Zombie Bloxx Zombie Bloxx Zombie Bloxx Zombie Bloxx Zombie Bloxx Zombie Bloxx
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  • Updated: 2017-11-17 10:55:15

Game description: Do whatever you can to survive this zombie-filled nightmare! You’ll face an unending horde of block hungry zombies, ready to pull you apart pixel by pixel. But don’t panic yet! There’s a wide array of deadly weapons and helpful environments to take them down. From knives and clubs to tanks and brain crushing trains - you’ll have everything you’ll need to keep one step ahead of the swarm. Features: • A cast of over 40 unique characters with specialized weapons • 6 merciless maps filled with bloodthirsty zombies • Unstoppable hordes of the pixelated undead, including elite special zombies • 3D environments drenched in pixel blood Millions of Pixel Zombies were harmed in the making of Zombie Bloxx. Download today and kill some more!