Dragonstone: Kingdoms v1.3.2

Dragonstone: Kingdoms Dragonstone: Kingdoms Dragonstone: Kingdoms Dragonstone: Kingdoms Dragonstone: Kingdoms
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Game description: Build and fortify your city with towers and weapons? √Check Train your warriors for combat with other players? √Check Grow and raid for resources to level up faster? √Check Join guilds and form alliances to take out strong opponents? √Check Win trophies and bask in the glorious spoils of battle? √Check And…oh yeah, don’t forget to feed your DRAGONS! √√Double Check! Combining modern mobile gameplay with the fun of the classic RPGs, Dragonstone: Kingdoms takes both genres to an exciting new level. The classic RPG gameplay makes this more than just another 4x game. In addition to city building, tower defense, and PVP alliance warfare, there’s a story mode where you can fight monsters and advance through levels to recruit new heroes, capture bosses, and gain additional resources. With standout original artwork, a balance of attacking and defending mixed in with the fun of the classic RPG, and an entire world to explore, Dragonstone: Kingdoms is the best of both worlds combined.