Sniper Shooting v1.0.8

Sniper Shooting Sniper Shooting Sniper Shooting Sniper Shooting Sniper Shooting Sniper Shooting
  • Type: Shooting Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
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  • Updated: 2017-11-21 11:26:25

Game description: Sniper Shooting: Gun Shooter different from the general gun shooter, you must quietly shot the enemy! When you fall into the heavy encirclement of terrorists, pick up your gun to defend the snipers dignity! Quickly pick up the sniper rifle, the use of superb spirit of the marksmanship, as much as possible to kill the enemy! ▼ Crisis of the battlefield, do not leak traces of the spoof off every enemy ▼ eight different types of sniper guns to choose from In addition to two firearms can also carry a variety of grenades, medical kits and other props ▼ ice and snow world, desert, city, Kabul four different styles of battle map, each style map has unlimited level challenge ▼ is simple and easy to use ▼ excellent quality, firearms shooting a strong sense ▼ rich task reward, complete the level to get more game gold coins ▼ completely free equipment, just complete the level, get gold coins to buy weapons How to play ▼ Slide the right half of the screen to turn the weapon to the center ▼ Slide the left half of the screen to move the character ▼ Click the toggle button to switch between different weapons ▼ Click the grenade button to switch grenades ▼ Click the medical box button and use the medical box to return the blood ▼ Click the button to replace the clip ▼ Click the aim button to use a sniper gun ▼ Click the squat button to control the role of squatting As an elite sniper no matter how hard the task you will go to perform and excellent finish! Terrorists are making chaos and pick up sniper rifles to stop them! Perfect to restore the sniper fighting, hurry to play to see it. Don’t miss !

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