Life of Boris: Super Slav v1.0.557

Life of Boris: Super Slav Life of Boris: Super Slav Life of Boris: Super Slav Life of Boris: Super Slav
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  • Updated: 2017-11-30 13:26:47

Game description: My fellow slavs, gopniks and gopnitsas, welcome to Life of Boris: Super Slav, official game of Life of Boris! Learn the true origin story of Boris, the shashlik King! Earn the Super Slav title to qualify for Slavonic olympics and compete with slavs across the globe! Get ready for the most cheeki breeki experience available for your slav phones! CHEEKI BREEKI! • Ever asked a question where is Boris from? Here you go! • For the first time, meet Vadim! • Hardbass with Anatoli and Sergei! • Play through levels to learn the real story behind Shashlik King Boris! • Find all hidden Hardbass tracks from your favorite artists! • Compete in Slavonic Olympics to really see how Slav you are! • And of course, some more hidden Cheeki Breeki!