Cube Rogue v1.5.5

Cube Rogue Cube Rogue Cube Rogue Cube Rogue Cube Rogue Cube Rogue
  • Type: Puzzle Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
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  • Updated: 2017-12-19 15:55:59

Game description: Cube Rogue - is about what we love in senses of exploration, adventure and turn-based puzzles. Inside its mysterious worlds, are forgotten tombs, dangerous traps and secret chamber - where you want to seek for the right trigger among others... Enter the world of Cube Rogue to discover magical moments, rhythm of a living world that breath through every turn you make. Behold the greatness of ancient civilizations, strange architectures that transform itself on your action ! Be ready for surprising relics and mischievous level design unlike anything you have every solved. Its not only about steps you take, but also the order of actions you make. HOW TO PLAY? - Swipe to lead the Cube through vast, mysterious worlds. - Avoid Red Traps and other dangerous threats. - Solve architectural puzzles by your visualization. - Collect coins and rescue other characters ! Dont hesitate to die a lot and explore different ways every times you come back. Therere always surprises for real adventurers ! * Using "Hint Feature" could help you a lot when stuck, when "SaveMe" can save a lot of time replaying a level.. Keep in mind that you can use both of them to make your exploration more enjoyable ! STORY Cube start his journey to rescue his fellows in the world of unknown.. Now, he must face dangerous traps silently waiting, take the "Leap of Faith" from the highest castle, avoid eyes of medusa in her "Matrix" or sink into blue ocean to meet the most terrified creature in the deep sea... Will Cube survive to the end of his journey to rescue all friends ? Its your turn to find out !

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