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Ashworld Ashworld Ashworld Ashworld Ashworld
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Game description: Ashworld is an open world survival adventure set in a post apocalyptic world a few hundred years from now. Water and food are valuable, rare and the most important things youll have to find, as you try to survive in the rage-lands. An area of the world terrorized by the Ragers. A stereotypical group of road-warriors with no respect for the little life thats left. During the night creatures, called the Skellies, roam the world and are becoming more dangerous as time passes. Use your smarts, combined with the various weapons, cars, gadgets and raw materials that can be found inside the many underground areas, buildings, old sky-scrapers, and other areas of the Ashworld. QUICK list of FEATURES: - Procedurally generated gameplay (no 2 games are the same) - Modifiable touch-controls (check options menu!!) - Run and drive around the ragelands, visiting buildings, talking to people, beating up ragers and skellies. - Use different weapons: boomerangs, chainsaws, rocket launcher, shotgun, machinegun, plasma rifle, flame thrower. - Search through buildings, underground caverns, and unexplored areas of the Ashworld for usable items. - Find,Steal and drive a variation of different cars, all with their quirks and challenges. - A host of story missions and sub-missions to guide you around the world. - Craft new weapons and tools - Gain experience points and use them to improve your character skills