Silly Sailing v1.05

Silly Sailing Silly Sailing Silly Sailing Silly Sailing Silly Sailing
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Game description: Compete against other sassy sailors in this silly sailing game. Use your rudder and sail to find the perfect wind in this tropical paradise. Race against other players and find out whos the silliest sailor. Unlock continuously sillier ships (and shoes) and after a while even ships (and sofas) with multiple sails. Behind the silly exterior exists a somewhat (not really) realistic sailing simulation. Ships with: - Surprisingly silly ships! - Sassy sailors! - Sturdy steering! - Supernatural seas! - Sustainable silliness! - Savvy seafaring! - Suspenseful sounds! - Sudden sand! - Spontaneous seagulls! - Smooth scrolling! - Shiny sausages! - Shaky sealegs! - Salty shores! - … stop reading this and play the game!