Craft & Ride: Roller Coaster Builder v1.10

Craft & Ride: Roller Coaster Builder Craft & Ride: Roller Coaster Builder Craft & Ride: Roller Coaster Builder
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  • Updated: 2018-5-2 10:48:50

Game description: Manage your own amusement park! Like any other fun park, it has different attractions, and main course is the amazing roller coaster! With our roller coaster game you can build your own train tracks, and test it with your crazy train from the machinist point of view! Make your own Montaña Rusa (Russian slides) – bright, wild and fast! Each level of out rollercoaster tycoon is a real puzzle – so, test your skills and complete it all! Add sharp turns, dead loops, uphills and dowhills to your attraction! Dont be scared of crashes – just put your roller train back on rails and try one more time! If you love roller coaster simulation games, youd love this app! Earn points to unlock hints, new train activities (POV or third-person view), new branches of railroad or new wagons! Improve your own theme park, ride on the rollercoaster train and have fun with our roller coaster simulator!