Corennity: Space Wars v1.0.4

Corennity: Space Wars Corennity: Space Wars Corennity: Space Wars Corennity: Space Wars Corennity: Space Wars
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  • Language: English
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  • Updated: 2018-5-7 17:04:57

Game description: Play one of the fastest paced games on the app store. Experience the adventure of your life: From fighting epic bosses after surviving a space war to a near surface flight on an icy planet and the infiltration of a secret space station. - Play the whole game for free! - 20 Levels in 7 Locations - Earn achievements and battle it out against friends - HD Graphics - Fast reloading times - 60FPS - Very fast paced - Fully narrated - Unique Music Tracks A game that tests your skill and reaction time. A level can be retried instantly. Also there are no ads in this game! Find out what happend to humanity. You control the last machine-ship that has not turned against humanity but wants to take revenge. The whole story is completly voice acted by a professional voice actor! Each of the 20 levels in the game is unique and offers a specific music track that was handcrafted by our sound artist. Explore foreign star systems: Make decisions clever like a fox. This game was designed to run a 60FPS on a Nexus 5 and above. Your experience will vary depending on your device performance.