Car Transporter 2018 Pro: Car Carrier Auto Truck v1.1

Car Transporter 2018 Pro: Car Carrier Auto Truck Car Transporter 2018 Pro: Car Carrier Auto Truck Car Transporter 2018 Pro: Car Carrier Auto Truck Car Transporter 2018 Pro: Car Carrier Auto Truck
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Game description: You have played many other Car Truck Transporter Games, in which your only fun is to load the sports car, limo cars and other luxury cars on the car carrier car or truck cargo trailer, is this enough fun for truck master who can drive the mack truck, scania truck, kenworth truck and euro truck on the rough truck road, well in this game you will enjoy double transporter 2 fun. Firstly, your object is to drive the sports car on the heavy duty 18 wheeler cargo trailer to transporter these expensive modern cars to the others city. Lorry is well balanced eighteen wheeler u haul trailer. As a expert driver it is not hard part for you to load the luxurious cars on grand truck or big truck trailer. You second duty is to deliver this oversize loaded car truck to the other city for car shows. Road is rough, hill transporter and full of AI Traffic Cars and pedestrian, you have avoid speedy crash and save the modern cars to get damage. City truck is very beautiful modern city with beautiful trucker wanted look and feel and very good for heavy duty car transporter simulation. There are 6 giant truck for car cargo like Volvo truck, cargo truck, semi truck and mega truck to test your pro driving skills on the hell ride car adventure transporter road, rough road, hill transporter road and muddy city road. But nothing can stop you to become the car king transporter 2 for future car truck delivering. Features of Car Transporter 2018 Realistic Car Cargo Truck Physics 3 different camera angles, interior camera, full car follow camera and back camera for better trailer connector High Quality Night Mega City with amazing look and feel 6 Proton Trucks ready to car delivery and for pro driver Truck wanted trailers guide for truck games Car loading and un loading enjoyable missions u-haul, lorry, mini map and road map Car lovers sports cars with detailed interrior multi level car parking trailer Race, brakes, and trailer un linking systems Damage system when truck hits traffic car and pedestrian Truck path guiding system Mad skills truck driving testing system for truck toy or truck realistic So, what are we waiting for lets jump into auto mobile cargo game and deliver the future car for car show on the real car cargo transporter truck. How To Play Car Transporter Truck Game - Select the best real truck to carry the lorry for car transportation sale business - Select the level you want to play for auto mobile transport - Read the instructions for Car Loading on Cargo trailer - Read the Instruction for Truck level that truck can be used for oil truck simulation and for heavy cargo truck simulation but in this game we will use it for Car Transportation - Race button to accelerate the Truck, brake button for braking system, Trailer Detach to un link the trailer to heavy realistic truck - Camera Button to change the camera angle of truck and car - Controller setting Dialog to change the controller like steering, buttons and sensors - Truck Driving Simulator Mission Failed Dialog - Car Cargo Mission Completed Dialog when you have reached to the destination truck parking point So, now its time get on Modern truck driving duty and to deliver the world most luxurious car to their selling person, avoid hit the truck to others cars if you hit them it will damage your truck trailer and can cause of mission failed. so driver carefully and safely, fasten your seat for thrilling car cargo transportation adventure and enjoy the best game of the week and best game of the year, its all up to you how you learn to drive to become the pro truck driver of year of 2018.