Jurassic Evolution World v2.2.0

Jurassic Evolution World Jurassic Evolution World Jurassic Evolution World Jurassic Evolution World
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Game description: Humans truly did it! They cloned Jurassic dinosaurs from their fossilized DNA and put the specimen in a park for the world to see. Evolve your Jurassic animal and lead it along an adventurous path – hopefully to freedom. Do you have the feeding skills it takes to discover the Chimero-Rex, Rocky the Tyrannoboarus, the Ghastly Deepsea Serpent, and all the other mysterious paleo-creatures? - feed your dino-creature and evolve it into a strong member of the Jurassic zoo - obtain additional food resources by completing fun mini games - calculate the food portions according to the evolution handbook and discover new evolutionary paths - unlock all the fascinating dinosaurs that may or may not have inhabited earth millions of years before our time