Rock em Sock em Robots v1.0

Rock em Sock em Robots Rock em Sock em Robots Rock em Sock em Robots

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  • Type: Fighting Games
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Game description: Hey! Knock his Block Off™!
The gloves are off as Rock’em Sock’em Robots™ by Mattel® leaps into the ring on your Android Device!
Pick the iconic Red Rocker™ or the Blue Bomber™ and jab, hook and uppercut your way to victory. Be sure to keep an eye on your health and energy because every punch s towards maintaining your energy and stamina.
Get into the gym and level up your four different fighting skills:
- Improve your Strength on the heavy bag
- Brush up your fancy footwork in Defense
- Hit the jump rope machine to up your Stamina
- Pound out a beat on the speedbag for extra Style.
Every level you pass brings you one step closer to robot domination! But watch out, because your opponent is practicing too. Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty settings mean that everyone can get in on the action.