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  • Type: Nurturance Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
  • Downloads: 4735
  • File size: 27220 KB
  • Updated: 2012-6-29 19:40:36

Game description: The entertainment of an extremely popular DREAM C CLUB App. is an appearance!!
The HostGirl Amane of extreme popularity DREAM C CLUB appears by the application for android!!
* – * added new items and price changes from 6/1 * – *
New items can be bulk buying and gifts, such as costume appeared.
Costume set will be available for purchase in three species together costume.
Drinks infinity I think that will remain in Kagen tipsy.
Gift freely is a gift will be unlimited gift.
-The feature of this application
Your finger can actually describe the host girl of a DREAM CCLUB now at last.Words can be spoken by touching a acter or leaning a terminal, or a girl’s reaction can be enjoyed by various motions.A acter voice is the same cast as the consumer version, is recorded only for this an application and is a recorded voice. CV:Ami Koshimizu
-About Full version
If you purchase a full version from the inside of an application, various functions in which communication with a host girl can be enjoyed more will become usable.
-The increase in a voice or a touch event
Although it is only ten kinds of voices with the free version, in a full version, it increases to hundreds of kinds.Various reactions can be enjoyed according to a place, a situation, etc. which are touched since an event also increases.
-Time read-aloud, an alarm clock function
If the time display on a screen is touched, a host girl will announce you time. Moreover, if alarm clock time is set, it will start in an exclusive voice at a set period.
-Get drunk with the degree of favorable impression, and it is change (*1) of a degree.
The degree of favorable impression rises by taking communication with a host girl every day, and it carries out various reactions with the degree of favorable impression. Since a host girl may get drunk occasionally and may appear, she can enjoy the reaction which got drunk at that time (*1 it gets drunk with the degree of favorable impression, and, as for a degree, it is possible to make it go up at a stretch by purchasing an item).