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  • Type: Sports Games
  • Language: Traditional Chinese
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  • Updated: 2013-1-13 21:09:04

Game description: Now support Chinese language only!(繁體中文) This is a motor racing game. In the game menu, 競速模式 = Story mode 繼續奔馳 = Load game 自由練習 = Practice mode 購買完整版 = Buy the no ads version 關於我們 = About us In the state menu, 車庫 = Your motor state 商店 = Motor item shop 查看 = Review ranking & help (返回上頁 = BACK) 設定 = OPTION 儲存 = SAVE 挑戰 = PLAY Others, 確定 = OK 返回 = BACK You are the top gun of the motorcycles race. The magic city is your racing ground of the game. Not only to drive a heavy motorcycle round and round, you must be careful of other drivers attacks too. Somethings like nails, rocks, oil & missiles ...and so on, the special items can become to dangerous weapons. Just take and launch them to beat the competitors soon. You know, alls fair in game!