Where is my jelly v1.1

Where is my jelly Where is my jelly Where is my jelly
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Game description: You can start now but you will never be able to stop.
■most interesting PUZZLE GAME
■over 700+ challenging puzzles ,you can play day and night
■so cute cartoon elf to play with
■cheerful music for game players
■so many free hints given ,make sure you play it for free
■send you one free hints everyday
■more you can find in game……
★ Where is my jelly ★ is a puzzle game in which you can burst the jelly to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them.
Solve the puzzle of this game ! Be ready to go all the way!
Awesome stuff you can do in jelly:
✔ Blast the red one!
✔ Pop the green jelly!
✔ Pop the yellow jelly!
✔ Pop the blue jelly!
More wonderful pictures,difficult levels and other great functions are coming soon in the next version.