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  • Updated: 2013-2-20 18:33:43

Game description: Green Driver
How do you drive car with traffic lights, speed control, traffic jam using limited amount of petrol? If you drive too fast, you will have problems in passing the speed control cameras. If you drive too slow, you will waste the energy and can not be a GREEN driver.
In the game, you can operate via:
* tilt your phone leftwards and rightwards to shift lane
* touch anywhere on the screen to speed up
* loose the touch will result in a immediate slowing down
The faster you drive, the less energy you will consume. There are gas stations every XXX kilometers. Try to reach those check-points before your energy is exhausted. Meanwhile, you have to follow the traffic rules, otherwise youll lose your diver license points.
There is an indicator on the left hand side; use it smartly to predict what will come next.
Your score will be uploaded to the global ranking system. So what are you still waiting for? Let us start to play and see who is the GREEN driver?