Coin Pusher 3D v1.2

Coin Pusher 3D Coin Pusher 3D
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  • Updated: 2013-1-26 17:58:38

Game description: Coin Pusher 3D another one of the popular machines that imitate the casino style, in which you need to enter coins that will hopefully push more coins and prizes. The coins are won offline and online, every 9 minutes or 30 seconds respectively. Only having to tap to drop a coin, it seems like a really simple game, maybe kind of boring but its actually strangely addictive, even if you dont get anything as a reward. You need to strategically drop the coins whenever you think youre going to get more prizes. The physic graphics are realistic and the gameplay is good, you upgrade the levels and get more prizes as you advance. This game created by Italy Games is definitely a nice time passer, nothing special but very addictive and fun.