Threedot v1.0.1

Threedot Threedot Threedot
  • Type: Skill Games
  • Language: English
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  • Tariff: Free
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  • Updated: 2013-1-28 14:18:34

Game description: Welcome to the world of microscopic organisms. With best tilt controls and nice graphics effects, you will get a tons of positive emotions! Break enemies into small pieces and get highest scores in the world!
How to play
Just tilt your device to move Threedot :)

- Scoreloop integration
- Non-scoreloop local leaderboard
- Unlockable weapons
- Nice neon graphics
- Nice particle effects
- Smooth gameplay
- Three different game modes:
Burst color bubbles and change behavior of enemies. You can poison, freeze and then break them up.
Once infection weapon unlocked you can infect to make them crazy!
Mode with growing difficulty, unlockable weapons. You will fight with waves of enemies and improve your highscores.
*Crazy Shake*
Mode with maximum difficulty and with very powerful "Crazy Shake" weapon. Try this one, once you become good practice in classic.
Youre limited only by time. Break all enemies just touching them, pickup time bonuses for endless entertainment.
- Internet access
Needed to post highscores
- Read Phone State and ID
Needed for Scoreloop, if you will decline scoreloop license, phone ID will not used. Threedot does NOT access phone calls or other information apart from the device ID.
If you like Tilt to Live, Hyperlight, Spirit HD, PewPew you will love this one!