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  • Type: Puzzle Games
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Game description: Androids #1 Addictive ARITHMETIC action is HERE!
Flick to freely exchange the number-blocks.
Neighboring blocks adding to 10 are cleared.
 Speed your arithmetic abilities with
 = 10
Puzzle action thatll make you smart!
Touch or Flick to swap numbered blocks up /down/left/right.
Blocks can be swapped freely: no need to immediately add to 10.
++ Normal ++
The normal game mode. Try to get the top ranking score.
++ Easy ++
In Easy Mode, the time gauge holds twice as much time as in Normal Mode, but score ranking is not supported.
Play continues until the time gauge becomes empty.
++ SCRAMLE (1 MIN / 5 MIN) ++
Play continues until either the time gauge becomes empty, or the scramble timer becomes 0.
Clear all the available blocks. New blocks will not appear. Game Over occurs when all blocks are cleared.
=PAC-MAN score Doubler !!!=
During play, Pac-Man moves back and forth at the bottom of the screen. From time to time Pac-Man will eat a power pellet and turn the tables on the ghosts. Clear blocks while Pac-Man is powered up for double points!
Note: You cannot control PAC-MAN in this game.