Ninja Karate Defence v1.0.3

Ninja Karate Defence Ninja Karate Defence Ninja Karate Defence
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Game description: "Its time to kick some A**es"- John Mc John John Mc John fights for the truth, the freedom and the Master. Help him to protect the Master form an Evil Menace! Hes here to save the Master. Hes here to save him from the Ninjas. Hes here to punch some faces. John Mc John knows the Art of Ninja, tought by the Master. One day Evil Ninjas arrives to the Masters Dojo and try to kill him. Help him and save the Master! Ninja Karate Defence is a fast Action game. You have to be quick and kick and punch the ninjas that try to hit John. Press on the right side of the screen in order to beat the ninja. Defeat them when they are nearest to John to get more points!