Crazy Mole v1.5

Crazy Mole Crazy Mole Crazy Mole
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Game description: City life is always exhausting after a long busy day
So come download Crazy Mole. Lets get it started and hit off the damn things with the hammer in your own hand!
If you are a white collar worker, isnt the guy popped his/her head up out of the hole just your boss who yelled at you last time? Dont ever save your best strike!
If you are a wiz at game, go and log onto our community, where you can play against thousands of other gamers from all over the world, and show your speed and skill.
If the baseball bat or shovel cannot make you feel great enough, you can easily get equipped with mace, matchet, tetramine, first aid kit and all the other powerful items, only if you earn enough gold coins in the Adventure mode.
-Crazy Mole includes Endless and Adventure modes.
-Buy the weapon and items you need before the game starts.
-Hit the place where the Mole appears on the screen.REMEMBER not to hit the bombs.
-Highest score can join the Game Community Ranking.
-Log on every day and get the Gold Prize or Double Reward Points!