Cubics v1.2

Cubics Cubics Cubics
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  • Updated: 2013-3-25 13:45:58

Game description: This game is one of the best thinking games and never-ending source of fun and positive. Bright and colorful look of the game connected with funny music makes you feel yourself full of joy and lots of positive emotions, besides it helps you to train you logical thinking by looking for the best solution as fast as you can.
How to play:
The main idea of the game is to put the figures, which are falling down from the top one by one, in a right position. It means that you should fill out empty spaces with a figures with the similar shapes.
If you create horizontal line without empty parts it will burn and disappear, so it will give you more
space for the next falling figures.
The game has lots of levels, the speed is faster in each upper level, so it getting more hard to play(there is less time to find the best position for the falling figures).
Hope you will like the idea and visual interpretation of the game. Enjoy!

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