Love Test Vampire v1.0.1

Love Test Vampire Love Test Vampire Love Test Vampire
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Game description: Does the world of vampires fascinate you? For vampires, the concept of eternal love is a possibility. With their all-consuming passion, undying love, nocturnal magic and seductive looks, weve all dreamt of being a vampire. Which vampire couple are you? Complete the three Love Test Vampire tests and discover: • Vampire, Human or Werewolf, which one is your soul mate? • Love gives you wings and transforms you; discover which lady vampire sleeps within you. • Are you passionate about vampire films? Take the test and find out which character is most like you. Sink your teeth into the world of vampires with Love Test Vampire, and the answers to all these questions will be revealed to you! Have fun using the "Love Test Calculator" and find out whether he/she is your vampire soul mate. And for even more fun: share your results with friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via e-mail or SMS. Discover whether your relationship will survive the daylight! Still included: • A 60-question test on three themes (trust, happiness and intimacy). • The challenge of standing up to your partner in your relationship. • Is he/she going to leave you? Take the test and your answers will help you to assess the quality of your relationship. • Tender words: to help you express your love and become more romantic. • Golden Rules: check out the 10 Golden Rules for a perfect relationship, and make sure you follow them to the letter! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on our games, contests and more!