Mini Pirate v1.40

Mini Pirate Mini Pirate Mini Pirate
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Game description: From Airy Labs, acclaimed developer of the best and most fun social learning games in the world‚... Pirate Math! Arrghhh!!! Blast away enemy cannonballs with the power of math. Aim quickly and surely to earn coins. Fear the plank! LOADS OF FUN: - Enemy cannonballs come faster and bigger as you level up - Levels to test your trigger finger - Levels to test your accuracy - Watch out for angry cannonballs when you misfire - Adjust your aim as enemy cannonballs are deflected by your shots LEARN WHILE HAVING FUN: - Learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division - Cancel negative enemy cannonballs with your positive ones - Learn that addition and subtraction are two sides of the same pirate coin - Discover the power of division at cutting enemy cannonballs down to size - Multiply fractions HOW TO PLAY: - Use one hand to swipe on the screen to rotate the cannon - Use your other hand to fire with the buttons on the bottom of the screen - Try to save your ship for as long as possible! *** This game is part of Airy Experiments, our laboratory for exciting new learning game ideas from the community. CHECK OUT OUR OTHER GAMES: Mini Painters, Mini Catch, Mini Mining, Mini Minute, Mini Word, Mini Bouncy