Shopping Cart Defense v1.0

Shopping Cart Defense Shopping Cart Defense Shopping Cart Defense
  • Type: Strategy Games
  • Language: English
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  • Updated: 2013-5-28 17:26:52

Game description: Shopping Cart Hero invades the defense genre!
Fight off waves of groupies through epic battles of bananas, pitchforks, and the occasional UFO.
Work your way through the farmlands and the snowy mountains to see if you can triumph over what lurks in the mysterious jungles. You probably cant. Dont bother trying.
- Groupies!
- Monkeys!
- Gorillas!
- Snowmen!
- Exploding Cows!
- Exploding Pigs!
- Exploding Bananas!
- Exploding Explosions!
- All your favorite characters from Shopping Cart Hero, plus a whole lot of new ones.
- Earn powerup upgrades to improve your towers and make them do awesome things.
- Upgrade the tower classes you use most for your own custom strengths.