Fashion Party Dress Up v1.5

Fashion Party Dress Up Fashion Party Dress Up Fashion Party Dress Up
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Game description: Strike a pose! So you wanna be a stylist? Take the first step with Fashion Party Dress Up. Hit the shop to grab some hot outfits, then strut your stuff in front of the cameras. Earn money and rise up the ranks to become the ultimate style superstar! Glam features: • FAB 3D graphics • SHARE photoshoot pics with your friends • PERSONALISE your clothes, accessories, make-up and hairstyles • WIN SPECIAL ITEMS for perfect style scores • Its FREE! It’s not all a fairytale, though: you need spend your money wisely. Work your way through assignments styling models to rise in your career. Do you have what it takes to make it in the fast-paced fashion world? Start creating the trendiest looks, put on a fierce face, and climb to supermodel stardom!