Match Puzzle v1.3

Match Puzzle Match Puzzle Match Puzzle
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Game description: Use their brains to mobile matchstick achieve!
The matches interesting puzzle by the selection of arithmetic and geometry topics. Has a strong interest, knowledge and test, like riddles, can guide people to ride in the ocean of knowledge, thus particularly affected by the widely loved. play in the knowledge it is entertaining, to induce the development of intelligence, a better way to increase their knowledge of children we over every hurdle, the first to use their own flexible brain to think about the analysis, and hands-fight row verify.
The rules of the puzzle is very simple, the the mobile matchstick mathematical formula set up or complete the required title graphics. Questions answered case diverse, the program may not be exhaustive of all clearance answer, if this happens, then move use their brains to think of other solutions Yo.
I believe that some of the older players in the child Played interesting matchstick puzzle or similar to the jigsaw puzzle together to challenge the fastest problem-solving record!