Magnetic Shaving Derby v1.3.5

Magnetic Shaving Derby Magnetic Shaving Derby Magnetic Shaving Derby
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Game description: by Nyarlu Labs Fresh from critical acclaim on iOS,your mission is simple: USE THE MAGNET TO ATTRACT THE RAZOR TO SHAVE THE FACE! Pixelly arcade action. How to play: The magnet follows your touch around the screen. The razor is drawn towards the magnet. Cut hairs with the razor whilst trying not to nick your eyes, nose and mouth. Popping a pimple will temporarily reverse the magnets polarity, causing the razor to be repelled. Make good use of the multiplier, powerups and scoring system for MASSIVE POINTS! Two shaving modes: * Classic mode. The old family favourite. Shave once, shave fast. Try to finish before your beard starts growing again. * Score Attack. Grab powerups, raise the multiplier, collect fruit. You have three minutes to score as many points as you can without fainting from blood loss. Bonus game mode! * Space Surfing. Endless and randomly generated. Be a penguin, surfing on a razor, in space. Collect rings and powerups, smash asteroids, share food with friendly space penguins.. Dont get hit by comets. Twirl/bump/shoot em up. Complete with original 8-bit chiptune soundtrack. Please email us with questions or feedback. Try our other awesome HD & 3D Games. Whether you want a puzzle, arcade, action, strategy or casual game, weve something entertaining for you: * In TileStorm highly addictive puzzles of path construction against the clock are great brain training as you guide Eggbot the Robot through a jungle of challenges. Pocket gold coins in TileStorm Eire as you need to slide the tiles to guide our robo hero from spire to castle on an Irish adventure in another beautiful brain teaser. Or bag a jewel or two in TileStorm Polar in a super new Tile Storm story. Free Lite version [Massive Hadron] 。。。。。。。。