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  • Type: Nurturance Games
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Game description: Egg Baby is the fun and delightful virtual pet app that tests your egg raising skills! Can you care for a super cute pet egg and keep it alive and healthy long enough to hatch? We bet you can if you put a little effort into it! Each egg needs to be fed, washed, tickled, and put to bed every day to stay healthy and give you coins (every egg you have rewards you with coins based off of how well you take care of it - keep the meters full of green hearts and your egg squeaky clean!). These cute little pets also love to be decorated and read books, and depending on how you have raised your eggs they will hatch into a variety of gift-giving creatures! Can you collect them all?

Game features: - Adopt from a variety of cute, but different egg types! - Take care of your pet: Feed, Clean, Tickle, Decorate, and Read to your egg!! - Put your egg to bed or it will lose health! - Keep your pet egg alive until its ready to hatch! - Each egg type hatches into one of 6 different creatures based on how you took care of it! - Keep creatures in your backyard and theyll give you gifts to help you raise more eggs!